While trying out the appetizer above, you must have noticed that the line that the pencil draws is actually from its middle, and NOT its tip. Any guesses why?

 This is where the Costumes tab comes in play. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click on it!       

You’ll notice two pencil costumes. But hey, what’s a costume?!

A costume is one of the many appearances of a sprite. Here you see two types of costumes. Certain sprites have more than two; some have costumes that make them appear as if they are moving.

Editing a Costume

Editing Costume

  1. Getting back to the curious case of the pencil and its line; when you click the Costumes tab, you’ll see the pencil in the costume area on the left.
  2. Select the full costume by clicking on one end of the editor and dragging the mouse over and across the costume. The pencil will get highlighted. Now, we can move the pencil around. 
  3. Click on the pencil and drag it in such a way that the tip of the pencil overlaps the center dot on the editor. After aligning them release the pencil.

Once you do it, you’ll observe that in the stage the line now is at the tip of the pencil. Success!

New Costume