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    evive Firmware, otherwise known as evive menu, gives an intuitive textual interface to users.

    User can directly interact with evive using menu interface. These are the currently available functions in evive menu:

    1. Control: for controlling motors or servos using inbuilt hardware (switches, potentiometer, etc.)
    2. Current and voltage Sensing: similar to multi-meter
    3. evive’s mini oscilloscope
    4. Arduino pin state monitor: to monitor digital and analog state of pins available in evive
    5. Function generator: sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, saw-tooth wave
    6. Serial monitor: to monitor incoming message on Serial 0, 2 and 3 of evive
    7. User defined functions: users can write their own program and store it in the menu.

    Using the joystick (5-way Navigation key), user can scroll across the menu item using up and down keys, or traverse to the following sub-menus (or select the menu function) using right key, or revert back to top level menu using left key. Any time during the function is running, the user can get back to menu using center key (in most cases or as per user’s requirement).

    evive menu is a very handy tool to have. User can test their component directly using menu, without even programming evive.

    evive menu is similar to any another Arduino program. evive can store only one Arduino program at a time similar to Arduino board. If you upload a program in evive, the previous program is overwritten and thus you have upload the firmware again to access evive Menu again. Here is the guide on how to upload firmware in evive.

    It can be downloaded from here.

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