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    I am new to ardiono sketching and boards, so I compiled and uploaded the Potentiometers test sketch from your web site to evive and it worked the rx0/tx0 led blinks along with Pin 13 inversely to the turn of the potentiometer connected to Pin9. The 1.8″ screen is gray. How do I reset arduino to stop doing it?


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    Hi @chris
    So the potentiometer test code is running fine as the LED on Pin 13 is blinking as we move the Pot 1 (connected to A9 in evive. Since we are not using the TFT (as we have not wrote any code for that yet), it will be idle (grey or show history). Once, we load the program in evive/Arduino and device is powered, it will just start running continuously. As we power the micro-controller in evive, firstly the Arduino’s Setup function will run for one time and then it will continuously run loop function (forever in general sense). If we upload any other code, the previous one will get erased and the new one will be stored there (in Flash Memory).

    To load back evive’s firmware, you need to upload the firmware [find here] again.

    Also have a look at the documentation of  loading multiple user programs and run as and when required.  (Please give us feedback on ease of doing this or if u wanna contribute some better user friendly way)

     Chris Strawn 

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    Thank you I thought I might have broke tenuous lol


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