Getting Started

Course Structure

In this journey, we’ll be going through various lessons:

  1. What is Arduino? How does it work? Different components of Arduino Boards. How to install Arduino IDE Software?
  2. Arduino IDE Basics: What is the program structure and its flow of execution? 
  3. How to use digital pins for input and output?
  4. How to generate PWM output from digital pins?
  5. Arduino IDE: Variables, Conditional Programming (if-else), Arithmatic, Comparition, Logical and Increment-Decrement Operators.
  6. Loops in Arduino IDE: For and while loops.

Each of these lessons/topics can be visited as and when you like; we would suggest that you visit them the given order. You can move to a new place only after visiting all the sites of the previous one.

There will be quizzes and assignments spread throughout the journey, like a treasure hunt, that will help you test your understanding and earn points!

Once you visit all the places and clear all quizzes and assignments with flying colors, you will receive a certificate which will be the proof that you were here, besides making your prize collection look super cool!  😎 

Happy journey!

Grading Policy

  1. This course has a total of 17 quizzes: one at the end of each topic, and a final course quiz. You will get a maximum of two attempts to clear them. A minimum percentage of 60% is required to clear each quiz. 
  2. Assignments will be given after each activity which must be submitted in order to receive the certificate. These assignments will be manually graded and the points obtained will be added to the aggregate.
  3. ALL quizzes and assignments are compulsory in order to receive the certificate upon completion.
  4. To obtain the certificate, one is required to attain a minimum aggregate percentage of 50%.
  5. The aggregate percentage will be calculated by adding the points earned in each quiz and assignment throughout the course. The table below shows the percentage distributions and their respective grades:
Percentage RangeCorresponding Grade
90 - 100A+
80 - 90A
70 - 80B+
60 - 70B
50 - 60C

Let us begin the journey!