What’s Next

Congratulations on completing the first chapter evivers! You finally set foot into the world of robotics, and learnt a lot of new stuff about robots. Time to finally spill the beans; here are the names of the robots that you are going to make through this course:

Smartphone Controlled Robot

This dude will follow your commands via Bluetooth and go where you want him to go.

Smartphone Controlled Robot

Follow-the-Enemy Robot

This dude will follow you, or anybody else that you want, anywhere and everywhere.

Follow Me

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

This dude will overcome every obstacle in its path emerge victoriously.

Obstacle Avoiding evive robot

Pick-and-Place Robot

This dude will pick objects for you and place them where you want.

Pick and Place Robot

Excited enough? You should be! So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your kits and get started!

See you in the next chapter!