The Magic of Electronics

What is electronics?

Electronics is a field of science – physics, to be precise – in which we study about small electric currents generated due to the movement of electric charges that flow in small, complex circuits that store and handle information, and how to control these currents.

Simply put, electronics is a field of science in which we study how electric current moves in circuits and how we can control it.

To make the concept of electronics clear, and differentiate it from electricity, let’s take the example of a microwave. 

  • Electricity is what gives the microwave the ability to generate the waves that allow you to heat and enjoy the leftover pizza slice even at 3 AM in the morning,
  • Whereas electronics is what gives you the ability to control for how long or how much you want to heat it.

Electronics in Daily Life

We are surrounded by devices that work on the principles of electronics: right from a Smartphone, to a laptop, microwave, and washing machine in our house.HouseHold_Devices In a Smartphone, everything – right from unlocking your phone to typing a message on WhatsApp, and then sending it – revolves around electronics.

In washing machines, it is electronics that allows us to select the types of clothes we want to wash, for how long, and at what temperature.

In microwaves, apart from letting us decide how long to simply heat the pizza slice, electronics helps us in setting up the conditions for cooking countless things, right from a cup of tea to the classic Mac n’ Cheese!

And who can forget our saviour in need, the Air Conditioner? Need we say anything more about it?

These are just a few of the countless electronic devices present all around the world that make our lives, quicker, easier, and simpler.. Using them for our benefit and not learning about them would, therefore, be unfair! Therefore, in this course, we’re going to look at the basic concepts that keep them alive and kicking!