Ok Google,
I want to learn
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Computer Vision Face Recognition Speech Recognition Image Classification

Ok Google,
I want to learn
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Computer Vision Face Recognition Speech Recognition Image Classification

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Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Artificial Intelligence for Kids is an online course on AI basics and machine learning basics for kids and beginners of all ages. It provides the perfect opportunity to learn AI and machine learning in an interactive and playful manner from the safety and comfort of home.

No Prerequisites

Scratch based coding making it ideal for beginners with little to no coding experience

Live Tutoring Sessions

Hands-on sessions conducted by experts for concept clearing and doubt solving

Quizzes and Assignments

Periodic assessment tools to ensure thorough understanding of concepts

Course Completion Certificate

Proof of successfully completing the course for showcasing newly-gained skills

Trusted by Parents and Teachers

“Enrolling my kids in this AI course proved to be a great decision. They now spend their screen time learning useful concepts and skills instead of just playing games or watching videos.”


“Everything from the course material to the teaching process to the assessment system is very good. All my students are always on time for their online lectures which shows that they’re thoroughly enjoying the course!”


What Kids Will Learn

Computer Vision

What computer vision is, its applications, and how to identify celebrities, brands, etc in images using computer vision

Face Recognition

How face detection and recognition work, how to identify features such as gender, age, and emotion, from a face

Optical Character Recognition

What optical character recognition is, how it works, and how to identify handwritten and printed text using OCR

Speech Recognition

How speech recognition works, and how to make your own virtual assistant that recognizes your requests using speech recognition

Machine Learning

What machine learning is, machine learning basics, and how to make ML projects such as a pose classifier

Ethics in AI

Why ethics are important and what AI ethics you should follow while making your AI and ML projects


Is the AI online course for beginners?

Yes! The AI online course has been prepared in such a way that kids and beginners of all ages can dive into the world of artificial intelligence and learn AI basics and machine learning basics faster than the Terminator can learn to say hasta la vista, baby.

Why should my child enroll in the AI online course?

Our AI online course will help your child develop important 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, etc.  and relate to the real-world around better. Moreover, AI, ML, and coding are the skills of the future and will open doors to successful careers. Last, but not least, they are fun to learn!

So what are you waiting for? Sit up straight and learn the skill of the future from home in an interactive and fun way with this special AI online course!

Should my child have prior coding knowledge?

Nopity nope! Coding or not, anybody who’s ever wanted to enter the Matrix or have a life like the Jetsons is welcome to take the AI online course. In fact, you’ll get to learn coding basics as well along the way! Pretty cool, huh? ;)

What are the items required for the course?

All you need for the course are:

  • A desktop with PictoBlox installed in it
  • A stable internet connection
  • The desire to explore the magnificent world of AI and ML
What is PictoBlox?

PictoBlox is a graphical programming software evolved from Scratch that makes learning to program interactive and playful. Kids can make their own animations and games and develop skills such as logical reasoning and problem-solving – the must-have skills in today’s technology-driven world. One of the best things about PictoBlox is that it can also help learn physical computing and robotics in the future. This is why PictoBlox is the right choice for this online programming course.

You can learn more about it HERE.

From where can I download PictoBlox?

You can download PictoBlox from HERE.

How is PictoBlox different from Scratch?

PictoBlox is based on the latest version of Scratch. Not only is it easy and fun to code in, PictoBlox also has additional hardware interaction capabilities. You can easily work with development boards like evive, the Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, and ESP32, control your projects with hardware in real-time, upload code to your robots, and do a lot of other things!

I already have the enrollment key. How can I enroll for the course?

If you have the enrollment key with you, then you can enroll yourself here: https://learn.thestempedia.com/join-a-stempedia-learning-group/

I am unable to reach the webpage at times. What should I do?

This normally shouldn't happen but in case it does it may be because your IP has been blocked. There are two things you can do to make your way around this situation:

  • Wait for 24 hrs and then try reaching the webpage again.
  • Use a VPN. Browsec VPN is a popular VPN extension for Chrome that you can use. Follow these steps to add it to your browser:
    • Go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension.
    • Click on the icon of the extension. You will find it next to the address bar.
    • Click on Protect Me and voila! Now you can kickstart your programming journey with this special programming course without any setbacks!